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North Main Family Dental offers cosmetic and restorative dental options for patients who wish to enhance or completely redesign the look of their smile. Your cosmetic dental consultation will involve a complete analysis of your goals, an assessment of your current oral health, and will provide you with a treatment plan that best outlines the options required to achieve your ultimate goal for an amazing new smile.

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Additionally, we know that a straighter/more aligned smile can help you avoid other potential oral health issues down the road that can impact more than just your mouth. By thoroughly examining your overall oral health, we can work with you to determine the most appropriate treatment options that suit your needs and goals.

Our Restorative (Cosmetic) Dental service offer includes:

The benefits of straighter teeth include:

  • Easier brushing, flossing, and cleaning
  • Less wear and tear on your teeth over time. If your teeth are aligned properly, then each tooth is going to help share the load of the biting and chewing required.
  • Less dental work required in the future.
  • A comfortable bite and relaxed jaw means there is less pressure on the TMJ/TMD-jaw joint, including the teeth, the gums and the supporting structures, including your head and neck muscles.
  • You will have a healthy natural-looking smile
  • Strength and longevity of your teeth and gums.

To achieve these beautiful results, you can be assured that our team will pay close attention to form and function. They will also use the latest long-lasting materials such as ceramic and composite technology. These materials have advanced to the point where they can be the basis for beautiful and durable long-term dental work, especially when using modern digital dental technology.

These are only some of the cosmetic and restorative services that North Main Family Dental is able to offer you! If you are interested in exploring how we can help you improve your smile, then please contact us at (403) 980-0056 for your initial Smile Consultation.

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