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STD Test Los Angeles

STD Test Los Angeles

Looking for the best place to take an STD test in Los Angeles? A recommendation: always aim for the greatest medical team, a place with prime reputation and cutting edge technology. 

But where can I find an HIV testing clinic near me that has all of that? At Saban Community Clinic. 

For many years, HIV and STD testing has been taboo. Often associated with minorities, these diseases have taken millions of lives and part of the reason behind such a death toll is due to the generalized ignorance surrounding the issue.

That’s why we’ve committed not only to heal but to prevent people from getting ill, and the most crucial action in that direction is informing everyone about how to get the best Los Angeles STD testing possible. Let’s dive in on all you need to know!

Should I take an STD test even if I don’t present symptoms?

It’s important to highlight that STD is more than often symptomless, which means that many people suffer from them without even realizing it. Therefore, the only method to detect any of these infections, bacteria, or syndromes is through testing.

Which tests are available at Saban?

You should know that the Los Angeles CA STD testing offered at Saban is quick, pain-free, and overall simple. You only will have to make an appointment with one of our doctors, follow the medical recommendations and pick a date for your test. It’s as easy as it sounds!

Furthermore, we’ve prepared a list of our available services along with their regular requirements for you to see how simple it is. Take a look:

  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing

It requires a swab of the genital area. In some cases, a urine sample is enough. 

  • HIV testing

Blood analysis is necessary. The finger prick method is also valid.

  • Genital herpes (no symptoms)

Blood analysis is needed, and we recommend you ask for an IgC test, not an IgM one. 

  • Genital herpes (with symptoms)

Both a blood analysis and a swab of the genital area are required.

  • Syphilis testing

Samples from the sored area are needed. Blood analyses are also recommended.

  • HPV (genital warts)

A visual examination should be enough.

  • HPV (cervical cancer) 

Samples of the cervix taken through Pap tests are required.

Privacy as a guiding principle

There are several STD that are reportable infections, which means that getting a positive result might lead to the report of the situation to public health institutions in order for them to provide medical attention. 

However, we know that’s one of the reasons why many people don’t gather enough courage to do actually schedule testings in the first place. 

We offer confidential HIV testing that allows you to get the same treatment and fast response while not being forced to (at least officially) tell us your name. This will detach you from the anxiety of being reported while keeping you safe from your illness.

Saban: taking care of you

You already know where to get an STD test in Los Angeles. At Saban Community Clinic, each and every day we look forward to helping those in need. From STD testing and mammograms all the way to visual and hearing screenings, our facilities are ready to deliver some of the best medical attention available in the country.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, top professional medical team, and unparalleled fees, we are confident when saying we deliver the best service possible.

It’s up to you to realize if we are right! Just contact us to learn more about our clinic or services:

STD Test Los Angeles
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STD Test Los Angeles
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STD Test Los Angeles