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Calgary Invisible Braces

Calgary Invisible Braces

Calgary Invisible Braces: An Invisible Option To Wearing Braces

There is rarely anyone who does not desire to have a great smile. Now, to help people achieve this dream an appliance designed to be affixed to the teeth was introduced to help straighten them as they grow. Aside from helping to alleviate the discomfort, the option of invisible braces has helped to remove some of the stigma.

In a bid to enhance physical confidence and self-esteem, Calgary invisible braces are designed to provide a relatively undetectable alternative to conventional wire/bracket braces. Along with a revitalized smile, people are having straight teeth that do not necessarily need to come from a mouth full of bracket braces and unattractive wire. So, why not consider an invisible option if you are faced with the daunting idea of wearing braces.

Uses of braces

Most frequently, braces are used to improve an overbite or straighten misaligned teeth. Calgary invisible braces can be used for both teenagers and adults, however, they are not designed for children who still possess milk teeth. Traditional metal braces with wires or brackets are used for younger teenagers and children experiencing orthodontic problems.

Although there are some complex bite problems and misalignment cases that may not require the use of invisible braces which are better addressed by traditional orthodontic, however, there is a variety of different conditions that can be treated with invisible braces including:

    Crooked teeth Widely spaced or crowded teeth Overjet or overbite

Due to the need for rigid and absolute cooperation within the teeth, Calgary invisible braces was designed as an alternative treatment to using wire and bracket braces for aligning the teeth and ensuring proper growth. However, only an orthodontist or dentist in Calgary can actually determine who is a candidate for invisible braces.

Unlike traditional metal braces, these invisible braces are generally considered to be comfortable and even undetectable as they are mostly placed on the backs of the teeth. Also known as IncognitoTM, lingual braces, or ibraces, invisible braces have come to be a more acceptable option than traditional metal braces. They help provide the best smile possible being 100 percent customizable.

How to get braces

The process begins with a schedule consultation with an orthodontist. As part of the treatment process, your orthodontist will write out the require prescription after taking the impressions of your teeth and send them to a laboratory specializing in the construction of invisible braces.

Through the help of the impressions provided by your orthodontist, models will be designed and scanned into a computer. Afterward, suitable ibraces will be created via 3D imaging technology. It’s important to know that the prescription identified for you by your orthodontist will be used to customize each bracket and wire that can exclusively fit your teeth.

The construction process of your Calgary invisible braces may last for about 5 to 6 weeks. After which, you will have to schedule a bonding appointment with your orthodontist once your ibraces are available at his office. Depending on your condition, usually, several hours are required to complete a bonding appointment. Only fewer adjustments are required for this customization.


Calgary Invisible Braces
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Calgary Invisible Braces

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