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Breast Augmentation Orlando

Breast Augmentation Orlando

Breast augmentation is a popular surgery that improves the size, shape, and fullness of the breasts. It is achievable with a couple of different procedures or a combination of each, so the results are fuller and more natural. What is better between breast implants and natural augmentation?

Breast implants can be particular in size, shape, and projection. You can expect our professionals to choose the kinds of implants that suit your body, with meticulous measurements for the perfect fit. Natural augmentations transfer fat from other body parts to create soft, natural, and flexible results. Choosing the type of augmentation includes a lot of different factors and will consider the unique concerns and goals of your body. Our plastic surgeon in Orlando is well aware of the pros and cons of each one and focuses on providing breast implants with a highly personalized plan to meet all your expectations.

What you need to know about our Orlando breast augmentation implants

Breast implants fit on top or under the pectoralis muscles for a more natural look. Using implants reduces the likelihood of scars because we do not have to interfere with many tissues. Many people prefer implants because they always seem to satisfy most clients, in comparison to other procedures.

Breast augmentation options

The breast implant will vary in size, shape, and type, where some are primarily plastic, and others have a saline makeup. Both the plastic and saline implants have a silicone cover gel, but the saline one has a prefilled saline solution that weighs the same as the plastic implant. Some of these implants will work to rebuild the tissue from the inside, especially when you suffer from trauma that damages the tissue.

Benefits of breast implants


Breast implants are safer because they have fewer complications and side effects. It is doubtful you will suffer infection as the wound heals because the openings heal faster, and blood will not accumulate in the surgical areas.


Natural breast implants could last a decent time, but not as much as other implants. Our plastics will last a good 10-15 years, with the same original shape, size, and projection. Saline implants, in particular, are safer because they do not burst because the body absorbs the solution back into the body without affecting any other system or tissue.


Our breast implant options are affordable and fall within the same range with only slight variations on the size and type of procedure. We think that this option is always better than most, so you will save yourself a couple of thousands without having to redo the process after a while.

Fast recovery

It is mandatory to heal from the surgery, no matter how painless and robust you feel afterward. The good news about breast augmentation in Orlando is that you can resume physical activity and routine after weeks. In contrast, a natural augmentation is excruciatingly painful because there are many treatments to follow before you get the final results.

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Breast Augmentation Orlando
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Breast Augmentation Orlando
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Breast Augmentation Orlando