Biosound Treatment Center

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Biosound Treatment Center

Biosound Treatment Center

At Maple Mountain Recovery, we offer the most advanced, comprehensive treatment from a holistic perspective. In our continual effort to meet patient goals, we incorporate biosound therapy into our holistic treatment programs to relieve emotional, physical, and mental pain so that our patients can focus on healing from addiction. 

What Is Biosound Therapy?

Biosound therapy is a modality that helps patients learn various techniques used to get consistent heart rate patterns. This therapy also helps recovering addicts with positive thoughts, focus, and deep breathing. The primary purpose of this therapy is to help individuals take back control of their emotional reactions and focus on the quality of life and health.

How Does Biosound Healing Work? 

The way this form of therapy works is quite easy to understand. The therapy helps individuals relax and enter into a meditative state. The purpose is to put the nervous system in a complete state of relaxation that can slow down the heartbeat. The treatment process involves:  

  • Binaural beats induce a meditative state
  • Low vibrations trigger a relaxation response
  • Heartbeat patterns synchronize with the body
  • Low harmonic frequencies trigger a natural relaxation response
  • Positive affirmations are used to promote mindfulness.

During the biosound treatment session, the patient will need to lies down on a high-tech lounge, which brings their body, mind and soul into a meditative state. Bio-sound sensor glasses are also used during each session to include positive affirmations and video-guided imagery. The components of biosound therapies reduce stress blocks that suppress the emotions that trigger addiction. This therapy has a profound impact on addicts; hence it is recommendable that one breaks down the sessions until their mind can fully accept the new state. 

How Biosound Therapy Helps

Biosound therapy is an alternative form of healing and a unique option for substance abuse treatment. However, there are many benefits patients will receive from engaging the biosound treatment therapy. One of the most significant benefits is the calming effect the treatment has on addiction recovery patients.  

The therapy concept is to help patients using music therapy, visual imagery, and massage to bring them into a meditative state. The biosound technology helps addicts to switch from a negative emotional and physical state to positivity or calm. 

How To Get Started With Biosound Therapy?

Biosound therapy is a new non-invasive holistic therapy. This therapy can be combined with other meditative therapy, so visiting a rehab center that focuses on holistic recovery and meditation is a must if you’d like to engage in a biosound therapy program. At Maple Mountain Recovery, one of our staff can provide you the needed information to get started with this program. 

Getting Started

A sound is an excellent tool that can help heal our bodies, minds, and souls. At Maple Mountain Recovery, our biosound treatment center offers you the chance to overcome addiction just by listening. Call us today at (801) 499 9316 to let us individualize an addiction treatment program for you so that you can begin your recovery journey.



Biosound Treatment Center
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Biosound Treatment Center
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Biosound Treatment Center

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